Information security policy

For each business activity performed by Big Valley International Co., Ltd. (commissioned system development, packaged software business, expert workers dispatch services, paid employment referral business), the goal is to be a company that contributes to the region, and to foster grateful employees. We acknowledge that the maintenance of information security is an important matter while performing each business activity. We hereby declare how our information security management system is established and used in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • Keep confidential business information secure
  • Preserve the security of our customers’ IT system
  • Preserve an environment where our employees can work with peace of mind
  • Adhere to guidelines, ordinances and regulations in relation to our company business
  • Minimize the concerned parties’ damage in case of security information leak

Redacted:January, 21st, 2018
Last revision:February, 1st, 2018
Managing director Otani Kazuhiko