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Message from the President of BVI

In order to increase competitiveness we are actively recruiting overseas talent. Capitalizing on these new opportunities we must also value speed and agility. We believe that we can be better and more flexible than other Japanese firms. In particular we see the advantages of accepting the challenge to be multinational. By doing so we ensure that we always stay at least one step ahead of the competition.

We are building a corporate culture that actively invests in improving employee skills, and promotes based on merit without regard for age, gender or nationality. We strive to provide an environment where employees’ motivation to succeed is supported and not impeded.

Moreover, we will allow employees to take maternity leave, time-off for child-care and nursing, and such necessities without loss of employment or benefits. We will extend every effort to provide an environment in which employees may continue working or come back to working without hardship.

Managing Director Kazuhiko OTANI


We aim to become a leading global company with branches overseas in countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Nepal. We are always looking for new business opportunities.  We support the dreams and ambitions of our employees. By continuing to take proactive steps, we will continue to expand into new businesses within and beyond the field of computer technology, both in Japan and abroad.

Company Overview

Company nameBig Valley International
Co, Ltd.
Executive staffManaging Director Kazuhiko OTANI
Number of employees80
Date of establishmentJune 29th, 2001
Address◎ Osaka main office
1-23-2 Honmachi Kuise Amagasaki City
〒660-0814 Hyogo Japan
TEL:06-4868-3778 /

◎ Tokyo main office
SAGAMI building 2F
7-13-6 Chuou-ku Ginza
〒104-0061 Tokyo Japan
TEL:050-6877-6371 /
Business hoursAM9:00~PM6:00,
Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays)
Main business partnersMURATA Machinery Corporation
PALTAC Corporation
MITSUI E&S Holding Corporation
KYOCERA MARUZEN System Integration Corporation
SHIN NITTETSU Housing Solutions Corporation
SUMITOMO Electricity Corporation
SUMITOMO Electrical System Solution Corporation
SUMITOMO Communication Engineering Corporation
INTERSYSTEMS Japan Corporation
CANON Medical Systems Corporation


Osaka Main office

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Osaka Main Office
1-23-2 Honmachi Kuise
Amagasaki City, Hyogo 660-0814
TEL: 06-4868-3778
FAX: 06-4868-3768
when calling from outside Japan
TEL: 81-6-4868-3778
FAX: 81-6-4868-3768

Tokyo Main office

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Tokyo Main office
SAGAMI Building 2F
7-13-6 Chuo-ku
Ginza, Tokyo 104-0061
TEL: 050-6877-6371
FAX: 03-6869-2854
when calling from outside Japan
TEL: 81-50-6877-6371
FAX: 81-3-6869-2854

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