Big Valley International Co., Ltd. has been certified a company with
growth expectation in Hyogo Prefecture in May 2018.
As a local-community-based company, we will continue to be a corporation that can give back by promoting a regional
stimulation in medical care, nursing and logistics.

What is a company with growth expectation in Hyogo Prefecture?


Contributing to the region,
and being appreciated
Nurturing thankful employees


Big valley international started as IT Company from Amagasaki city in Hyogo prefecture. Now a company has many business divisions company.
Also, it founded AUN NIHON LTD to force Cambodia business in 2018.
We also force work on innovation work styles and aim to digestibility of 60% paid holidays.It is scheduled to listing stock of the Mothers share market in 2023 too.


Since its founding in 2001, it has mainly developed medical systems, has expanded nursing care, logistics and specialized fields one after another.
We will set up an education department to contribute to the local community which is our corporate philosophy, and a café by multinational staff will also be opened.
From now on, we will enhance charm and profit by creating companies that the throb of employees.


Even if you cannot speak Japanese, only in English okay,
Even beginner if you have a strong spirit for your achievement, we will fully support you.
Let’s IT technology in the medical, nursing care and logistics fields to the world.



Toll-free 0800-222-0406

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