Number of dispatched workers (daily average): 60 people

Actual number of dispatch destinations: 20

Worker dispatch fee average per day (per 8 hours): 11,787 Yen

Average wage for dispatched workers per day (per 8 hours): 8,497 Yen

Margin rate: 27.9% (August 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018) excluding teachers and IT workers

Support for Workers

Training typeWhenStatusFeesWages
Basic trainingAt time of hireOff the JobNoneUnpaid
Business mannersDuring employmentOn the JobNonePaid

We can always help you with other matter such as Career Counseling, and understanding the transportation in the area. Please drop by Business office in person or give us a call. ( 06-4868-3778 )

We may be able to send a car to pick you up, such as when you arrive at the station. Big Valley International is wants to be your full-service support provider in Japan.