Employment Information

Employment Guidelines

SalaryNew employee: from ¥200,000 (allowances included)
higher salaries possible depending on experience
AllowanceAllowances such as Monthly Perfect Attendance
Business hoursMonday thru Friday 9AM to 6PM
(8-hours with a 1-hour lunch break)
Flex-time and Telecommuting are possible
Holidays & Vacation2 days off per week (Saturday & Sunday)
+ all Japanese National Holidays that fall on a weekdays
+ additional paid vacation days ( For example 9 paid vacations days the 1st year)
+ days off for Summer Break (Obon), New Years Break, and certain personal events such as Weddings and Funerals
Medical & Social InsuranceUnemployment insurance, social insurance, welfare pension, employment mutual aid association admission (accommodation, various discounts, etc)
Employees dormitory available
Free food and drinks available in the office
(coffee maker, various drinks, pastry, etc)
Golf and fishing activities also available
Work locationsAmagasaki City in Hyogo Prefecture
Osaka City in Osaka Prefecture
Length of ContractsTrial system available
Internship available
Limited-Term Contract Employment (negotiable salary)

Work Description

We develop medical information systems for large-scale hospitals and university hospitals, as well as nursing care insurance systems; we also perform network management and software development, and dispatch services.

Skills and Experience

If you are honest, earnest and hard working, please join us today. We are waiting for your application, even if you are a beginner. You are particularly welcome if you possess some of the following skills and experience.

LanguageJAVA, .NET, C++, C, VC, C#, VB, MUMPS, CURL,
PHP (Version 5 & above), and JavaScript
InterSystems CACHE
Visual BasicVB6.0 technician
C languagesPeople familiar with UNIX, LINUX are especially welcome
※ C-related languages are C, C++, VC, etc.
JAVA & .NETORACLE & SQL skills are especially welcome
MUMPSlarge-scale project experience with MUMPS and/or REST transmission and CSP transmission is especially valuable.
JavaScriptAngular 2.0 technician
NetworkAbility to setup networks on Windows, UNIX, LINUX servers, and to configure a CISCO or YAMAHA VPN router