BVI Welcome Baby 3rd action plan

In order to enable employees to balance work and child-rearing, and to enable all employees to fully demonstrate their abilities, we will implement the following action plan.

1.Planning period 2 years from August 1, 2021 to July 31, 2023


Goal 1: Raise the childcare leave acquisition rate to the following level or higher within the plan period.
     Male employees: Raise the acquisition rate to 7% or more
     Female employees: Achieve a rate of 80% or higher


  • From December 2021 Consideration and implementation of a system to cover the work of employees on leave at each workplace (review of work system, system of multiple persons in charge, etc.)
  • From April 2021, a system will be introduced that will make 5 days paid from the start date of childcare leave.
Goal 2: Introduce a shorter working hours system for employees with children who have not yet entered elementary school.


  • December 2022-Start understanding and considering employee needs
  • System introduced from April 2023
    about the short working hours system for employees who had children
Goal 3: By April 2022, set and implement no overtime days in order to reduce overtime work.


  • From December 2021 Questionnaire survey of employees
  • From February 2022, consider problems for each department
  • Implementation of no overtime day from April 2022
    Training for managers (once a year) and dissemination to employees