Business Presentation

Our company is application partner of Intersystem Japan.

Medical Solution

Mainly, we are focused on building systems for large-scale hospitals and medical treatment offices, as well as every kind of ordering system. In recent years, we put our strength in developing patients’ electronic charts, clinical pathway, nurse aid systems, medical administrative systems and data warehouses, and have received high praises from our customers.
Moreover, we are under contract with other system vendors to develop program interfaces.

Elderly Care Solution

In 2006, our company started selling the MaxHeart Series caregiving package, which has also been displayed in the Barrier-Free exhibit since that date. (Institutionally-supported) MaxHeartZ version has been released as a web version.
Moreover, in 2013, wandering detector MaxHeart i was also released, as a nursing insurance product line.

Logistic Solution

Together with major vendors, we have developed an automated warehouse system used in various warehouses such as online shopping, parts factories and pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Recently, demand is expected not only from domestic customers, but on a global scale. Such a global logistic business is handled by our efficient international IT staff.